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Information About Piano Lessons With Julie

Julie Chapman, owner Piano Lessons with Julie

An Audio Message from Julie

So, you are looking for a piano teacher – and you have been all over the internet and have found my site.

Since this is your first introduction to me, I feel that I need to take the time to explain my teaching philosophy and methods, as well as the reasoning behind them. After you have read what I am all about, you may be ready to sign up for lessons. Then again, my style and approach may not be at all what you need or desire.

What I Offer

I specialize in teaching beginning to intermediate level piano, and give lessons to children as well as adults. Anyone who would like help building a strong musical foundation will find my instruction comfortable, enjoyable and worthwhile.

Although I do follow a certain curriculum for beginning students (James Bastien Level One Primer) I am also very flexible in my approach, and assign supplemental (fun!) exercises to assist them in learning the physical skills that are needed to play the piano well. I have had experience with a number of beginner books and have purposefully chosen to use the James Bastien because it is laid out in the most logical manner, is easiest for a beginner to understand, and has a wealth of information (music theory) that is very useful, even after the student has progressed to higher levels.

For students in the intermediate levels, I offer counsel concerning what pieces they may enjoy playing, and work closely with them on more difficult supplemental exercises (when applicable). Some students really enjoy playing “classical” pieces, and others would rather learn to play show tunes and movie themes.

Some may want to learn how to play “jazzy” or “blues-y” music, and some love composing their own songs. Because my goal is to have happy, motivated students who LIKE to practice, I do my best to provide knowledgeable instruction and guidance in all of these areas.

In summary, I offer piano instruction in a relaxed atmosphere, and in a way that is encouraging and rewarding to each individual student. As a former piano student myself, I know that if you don’t like something, you will not want to spend a lot of time doing it. That is why it is so very crucial that my students enjoy their lessons and their practice time, even when it means having to put out a lot of effort. I may be their teacher – but I am also their biggest cheerleader. They know that I am always ready to give them heaps of praise for a job well done.

Resource Room

I am happy to announce the official opening of the studio Resource Room. It is loaded with all kinds of things -two computers, two digital pianos, books about music and composers, music games and practice worksheets. The main attraction is the new computer station that has a special program installed called MUSIC ACE. This program has 48 graded lessons that take students from the basics of music all the way up into more advanced areas of music theory. Each lesson has games to reinforce the content, and the program keeps track of each student’s scores and progress. Students may also practice their lessons on the digital pianos available – or read a book about famous composers – or practice their note reading and other music theory with games and reusable worksheets. I am excited for the kids because there is specific training available in the Resource Room (ear training, extra theory practice, etc.) that I have very little time to reinforce during their weekly private lesson

Because the Resource Room is almost all self-directed, students can get valuable training/practice for a very small fee. (see the Rates page for details) Time can be scheduled before and/or after the regular weekly lesson time – or at any time the studio is open. There is never any financial commitment for the use of this room – time does need to be scheduled, but, unlike tuition, the fees are completely pay-as-you-go.

My studio is now an ideal place for small home school groups searching for music classes that have both a private and group component. Students may have a 30 minute private lesson, and then up to 90 minutes of musical training and practice in the Resource Room (as the others in their group have their private lessons)

The Resource Room also adds much flexibility to weekly lesson times, which may now be extended from 30 minutes to 60, or even 90 minutes, giving parents generous time to shop and/or run errands.


What I Do Not Offer


I have found that the vast majority of students are not interested in formal recitals. For the few who really enjoy playing for others, I encourage them to play for friends and relatives at family gatherings, at school talent shows, and with/for their church or other service group. Most kids (and their parents) have enough going on without adding in a recital schedule! Also, the planning and costs involved in having recitals would significantly increase the tuition rates for my students and make lessons much less affordable.

Advanced Lessons/Music Exam Preparation/Competition Preparation

These are not within the realm of my expertise.


What To Do Next

If this sounds like the type of program that you or your child is looking for and would enjoy, please contact me so that we can discuss evaluating the student. The easiest and surest way to do that is to use the student application form. Please fill it out completely. Once I receive it (it is much more reliable than regular email and will not go into my spam filter) I will contact you as quickly as possible. Usually the same day, but always within one business day.

Whether you become a client or not, I would like to wish you well in your musical journey.