As I gain more experience as a teacher, one thing has become very clear to me: Children really need parental support and involvement to get the most out of their lessons. This is especially important if they are young children ages 3-6.

There is so much to learn in the beginning that it can be overwhelming for a child to take it all in. I am very careful not to try to teach too much all at once, but then there is the problem of keeping things interesting and fun. Going over the same old thing week after week may avoid overload, but BOREDOM can be just as deadly! I can always give assignments to reinforce the lesson…. but what happens when the child goes home and forgets the instructions? (Nothing!)

So, what is a teacher to do? My solution is to offer Parent/Child lessons where the learning is done together. This type of lesson is unique because the emphasis is on the parent and child learning together through games and activities that can be done during the week. Because the parent is present and attentive during the lessons, I am able to explain the purpose of each activity and give instruction when needed. For parents without musical experience, it is a wonderful opportunity to learn alongside your child. Parents who already know about music will learn fun and effective ways to reinforce musical knowledge and concepts with their children.

If you have a young child who is interested in music, taking a class together will not only be fun, but the learning will LAST.

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pink pianoWritten by Julie Chapman - principal piano instructor for Piano Lessons with Julie.
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