Piano Teacher Musings by Julie

Learning to Play the Piano: Avoiding Beginner Pitfalls

As with any new activity, being able to play the piano involves acquiring a balanced mixture of both knowledge and skill. Basic facts come easily, such as where the notes are on the keyboard and how they relate to each other. However, learning all of the intricacies...

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Home-Schoolers: Registration is open for Fall

This message goes out to all the amazing home-school families in the North Atlanta area - it is time to start planning your fall curriculum (but you probably know that already!) As a former home-schooler of 8 years, I know how overwhelming it can be to find the best...

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Learning Together: Parent/Child Lessons

As I gain more experience as a teacher, one thing has become very clear to me: Children really need parental support and involvement to get the most out of their lessons. This is especially important if they are young children ages 3-6.There is so much to learn in the...

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My Piano Lessons, Part II

In my previous post I shared my piano lesson experiences from age seven (2nd Grade) to age 13 (7th Grade). In a nutshell, I confessed that my first months of lessons were stressful and difficult, and I did not make much progress. It took quite a bit of time for me to...

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Piano Lessons with Julie – Website Launches

Alpharetta Piano Lessons & Duluth Piano Lessons Websites Launched We have launched two new websites to make sure that parents looking for affordable piano lessons for kids in the north Atlanta area will be able to find us easily. The two sites -...

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My Piano Lessons, Part I

Once upon a time (1968) in a land far, far away (Glendale, CA) a little seven-year-old girl (that would be me) began taking piano lessons. The lessons were very stressful at first because there was just so much to remember at once! Learning to read the notes on the...

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Welcome to the Piano Lessons with Julie blog!

I'm Julie Chapman and I want to welcome you to the blog for Piano Lessons with Julie. It is my pleasure to give piano lessons to kids of ALL ages. I teach kids to read music, play the piano, and most of all it's fun. Please visit often. In the coming days and and...

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